www.Gmail.com, Gmail.com Login, Gmail Sign in, Gamail, Gamail Login: G-mail is the best e-mail company in the world provides millions of people free e-mail account. G-mail was started in the year of 2004 at 1st of April, first it comes with invitation process only and then it became available to the general public on February 7, 2007, though still in beta status at that time. G-mail is the application you can view your e-mail when you want. That servers are up and running, you will never be faced by down-time. Since a few years, you can download the Gmail software for your smartphone of gadget and then login Google mail. Of course, you will need to have an internet interconnection in order to view your e-mail on your smartphone or tablet. G-mail is a web-mail type of website which requires registration available in 72 languages. G-mail was created by Paul Buchheit.

Gmail Login

Gmail Login

The Gmail Features:

1. Filters

Filters were the very first things I set up once I converted to Gmail as my primary email program. Gmail Filters enable you to organize your email in a variety of ways.

2. Keyboard Shortcuts

Windows operating systems, Mac OS and several software programs all have their own set of keyboard shortcuts but so does Gmail.

3. Hidden Symbols for Filtering

Did you know that you could amend your Gmail address to use either a plus sign or dots? I didn’t. I won’t try to describe how you do this, instead I’ll refer you to the Gmail Blog but I will tell you one way that this might be extremely useful – filtering unwanted solicitations.

4. Use Multiple Accounts by Granting Access

Do you have a business-related Gmail account that you want an assistant to have access to? If so, you can grant them access to your account.

5. Mute Conversations

Tired of the off-topic political rants on your B2B mailing list but don’t want to unsubscribe from the list? Gmail has a simple solution to this problem – mute the conversation.

6. Always Use HTTPS

Even if you’re in the habit of using a secure connection when using Gmail while you’re on a public network, you may want to consider forcing this setting.

7. Video Chat

Are you traveling and want to stay connected with your family? Check out Gmail’s Video Chat feature.

8. Canned Responses

Using canned responses is another way to cut down the amount of time you spend on email daily. If you constantly receive emails asking for your company’s mailing address,

9. Got the Wrong Bob?
Nothing is more embarrassing than sending a casual message to Bob, the CEO of the company you’re trying to build a relationship with, instead of Bob your buddy from college.

10. Gmail Security Checklist

This is the last item on my list but definitely not the least important. Make sure that you follow all of the security guidelines on this list to help prevent unwanted access to your account. Gmail’s Security Checklist includes 18 items in different categories.

1. Windows xp, 7,8

2. Mac OSX 10.7

3. Compatible browsers: Firefox,IE9+,Google Chrome, Safari

To create an account:
1. Go to www.gmail.com.
2. Click Create an account.
3. The signup form will appear.
4. Finally, review Google’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, click the check box, then click Next step.
5. The Create your profile page will appear.
6. Your account will be created, and the Google welcome page will appear.

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